Categories in which DOTY awards are given to honour a variety of designs and designers.

Best Residential Design

Putting the limelight on Malaysian designers with brilliant residential projects that have been featured in the Designer Concept and Commercial Concept magazines, this award is given to the best designers who transformed houses into true homes for their clients

Best Commercial Design

The award crowns the best designed commercial spaces that have been published in the Designer Concept and Commercial Concept magazines. Exceptional designers who bring out functionality without compromising on the appeal of a storefront are recognised through this award.

Best Showhouse Design

The showhouse can make or break a sale for a potential homeowner, which is why having excellent design is especially vital here. The most effective and well designed showhouses that have been published in Designer Concept and Commercial Concept are celebrated by this award.

Rising Star

This award was created to recognize and establish the efforts of the best young interior design firms who have created high-quality designs despite being new to the field. These young talents are celebrated by this award, which will further encourage them and boost their esteem in the design industry.


This award shortlists deserving products that have revolutionized the way life is lived, evolving and uplifting the quality of life. These award-winning products are definitely ones to consider when shopping for a new address or even just to refresh, update or elevate a project or home.


The Asia’s Most Influential Designer Award was established to provide winning designers globally with the highest honour and recognition.

Exceptional designers with priceless experience, innovative designs, and incomparable creativity are celebrated by this award. These are elite designers who have impacted the industry with their bold strides, inspiring others with their pursuit of great design.


AMPDA, also known as Asia’s Most Prestigious Design Award is an award category created to recognize the demand for innovative and quality designs regionally.

This is an award many local designers strive to attain as it acknowledges their accomplishments in creating attractive, captivating and functional designs. It celebrates the effortful and clever designs that make excellent use of space, material and technology.

Lifetime Achievement award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is dedicated to world-class designers who have truly contributed to the design space through their extensive and admirable portfolio of design that have made an impact on the community throughout their life and career.

This accolade honours the best designers that have proved their excellence consistently and is greatly respected for their continual efforts.


The Women Empowering Designer Award is a new award category, established in order to boost female designers and their talents in the typically male-dominated design industry.

These women have been pioneers, leaders and innovators in their field and deserve to be recognized and celebrated.