Tri-Star Achievement Award : Dig a little deeper into the impeccable designs that attained Doty awards

The TRI-STAR ACHIEVEMENT AWARD is a special accolade that celebrates the achievements of outstanding designers who have been awarded a  Designer of the Year (DOTY) Award, irrespective of category, for three years in a row. In fact, the terms ‘Tri’  and ‘Star’ directly translate to ‘Three’ and ‘Excellence’ to automatically indicate its significance. All in all, this award celebrates the established design companies thriving on functional and creative ideas, quality detailing as well as excellent delivery on a consistent basis. Receiving this invaluable accolade at the 13th edition of DOTY Awards, an illustrious event organised by ACG Media, are eight designers who have stamped their unique  signature across the Malaysian design landscape.

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Alvin Mong

Alvinterior Concept Sdn Bhd

Trifecta of Finesse

In the realm of deserved recognition stands Alvinterior Concept Sdn Bhd, an illustrious firm that embodies the essence of this honour through its infusion of functional ingenuity, pioneering concepts, meticulous detailing and a stellar track record for project delivery. Delving into their triumph, one unravels a tapestry woven with success factors, project marvels, team synergy and a genuine bond with the community.

Central to its consistent accomplishments is an unswerving passion that permeates every facet of their work. Driven by a blend of creativity, foresight, transparent communication and a clear sense of purpose, they have manoeuvred through seemingly insurmountable challenges. The firm’s trajectory was marked by the extraordinary duplex project at One Central Park, an endeavour that acted as a compound for Desa Park City’s burgeoning growth. Anchored by a commitment to client contentment, unwavering industry collaborations, workforce empowerment and strategic employment of technologies, Alvinterior’s success story has been penned with dedication and diligence.

Yet, beyond the confines of their projects lies a fulfilment in community engagement and social responsibility; their ethos is manifested in the repurposing of excess materials for charitable causes and philanthropic efforts, even in the face of budgetary limitations, thereby upholding the sanctity of design integrity through innovative alternatives. The yardsticks by which the firm measures its achievements are manifold – metrics, annual targets, innovation benchmarks and an appeal to a diverse demographic. “Underlying all these metrics is an indomitable passion and a reverence for each client’s living space, fostering relationships that stand the test of time and sowing the seeds for future opportunities,” explains Alvin Mong, the founder of the firm.

Charles Khor
Co-Founder & Director

Chaos Design Studio

Metrics of Impact

Chaos Design Studio’s Co founder Charles Khor  encourages one to embrace challenges, turning complexity into creativity. This fearless approach propels the studio to transform adversity into innovation, exemplified by projects like the Macalister Mansion’s conversion into a boutique hotel which showcases a harmonious blend of historical charm and modern luxury.

Innovation is a cornerstone of success, fostering a culture that explores unconventional solutions and pushes design boundaries for unique outcomes. Case in point, the ‘Bird’s Nest Secret’ project displayed their ingenuity, garnering global acclaim and paving the way for further triumphs. Besides that, nurturing client relationships and industry collaborations through open communication, flexibility and exceptional service sets the studio apart. In Charles’ words, “We see complex projects as opportunities for creativity.” The firm crafts captivating and cutting- edge designs by leveraging technology with advanced visualisation, BIM and transparent communication. Furthermore, they expertly navigate budget constraints and engage clients and partners to exceed expectations.

To attract top talents, the firm fosters growth through empowerment, workshops, a supportive work culture and the lure of profit sharing. After all, for Chaos Design Studio, success is measured by feedback, satisfaction, repeat businesses and referrals. As a Tri-Star recipient, the studio advises embracing failures, exploring diverse styles and building connections.

Keith Chan
Chief Designer

Elocution of Design

In the competitive field of design, Northmos Sdn Bhd consistently asserts itself as a force of nature. According to Chief Designer Keith Chan, the company’s success can be attributed to its unwavering commitment to nurturing a culture of creativity, maintaining effective communication with both clients and team members as well as excelling in the art of time management. Moreover, the firm takes pride in delivering design solutions that push boundaries and venture beyond the ordinary.

One standout project that exemplifies Northmos’s capabilities is the transformation of a 10,000 square feet commercial space into an exceptional Modern Chinese restaurant within a mere 70 days, courtesy of the team’s rapid problem-solving skills and a quick-thinking project manager. Aside from promoting an inclusive company culture that attracts top talents, Northmos’ success is underpinned by its embrace of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies to offer immersive design experiences for clients. Moreover, it actively contributes to community-slash-workforce empowerment by supporting local educational institutions and providing skill development workshops.

Regarding budget constraints, Northmos firmly believes in communicating the value proposition of its designs to clients, justifying expenses and highlighting the long-term benefits of investing in quality outcomes. Beyond accolades, it places the highest value on client satisfaction, systematically gathering client feedback to assess how well designs meet their needs and pinpoint areas for improvement. On behalf of the firm, Keith imparts valuable advice to fellow designers: embrace a growth mindset, continuously pursue improvement and acknowledge that design is an ever-evolving field.

Nick Fong & Alex Lee

NU Infinity

Extramundane Efficacy

Nu Infinity Sdn Bhd’s success can be attributed to several key factors, starting with their commitment to evolution. Refining approaches to design, whether from a creative, managerial or business standpoint, ensures that they remain at the forefront of the industry. One example of their resilience in overcoming challenges is a commercial office lobby project. Despite facing obstacles like the Movement Control Order (MCO), it persevered and continues to captivate with each new project.

A turning point in their journey was marked by their commitment to building and maintaining strong client relationships and industry collaborations. The firm’s ability to read the market, stay ahead of the curve and identify opportunities has been most rewarding. Building a talented team has been another cornerstone of their triumph. By remaining consistent and relevant to the industry, Nu Infinity has attracted and cultivated top talents, with innovation and technology playing a vital role in their design processes. They also invest in learning and integrating advancements from various industries into their work to stay ahead of the competition.

Furthermore, Nu Infinity actively contributes to the community through initiatives like Design Seed which aims to uplift the design scene while aligning with their mission and values. Balancing budgetary constraints without compromising on design quality and client satisfaction is now a well-honed skill, achieved by remaining practical with goals but understanding to all parties involved.

Patrick Goh

X Two Concept

Triumph of the Ages

“Bridging creativity and commitment, we’ve sculpted our path to triumph. Upholding our beliefs, we tirelessly serve our clients, ensuring excellence in every design,” says Patrick Goh, founder of X Two Concept Sdn Bhd. Reflecting on a challenging three-year project, he emphasises on the importance of consensus-building and effective implementation to achieve exceptional results. Every obstacle, the firm believes, is a stepping stone to excellence. Its turning point is revealed as one where client relationships and internal capabilities were fortified to brave unforeseen challenges. Amidst industry collaborations, the strategy of nurturing relationships has proven instrumental. In acknowledging team members as the cornerstone of its triumph, the firm fosters an unwavering sense of belonging.

Technological integration in design processes is underpinned by a genuine concern for customer satisfaction. By attending to clients’ emotional nuances, the firm resonates with its clientele, staying ahead in an ever-evolving industry. Moreover, it champions eco-friendly materials and employs design in ways that make a sustainable impact. In grappling with budget constraints, equilibrium is sought, keeping design integrity intact. Beyond accolades, the firm’s ultimate achievement lies in customer trust and confidence. They remain vigilant, constantly evolving to transcend their laurels. A testament to its enduring spirit and future aspirations, X Two Concept humbly encourages others to persevere, and always be ready to learn and grow.

Simon Yew
Founder & Conceptualist

ST Concepts

Tour de Force

According to Simon Yew, ST Concepts (M) Sdn Bhd’s success is based on three fundamental, client-centric principles: Listen, Communicate and Create. The founder listens intently to his clients’ desires and communicates effectively with them in order to understand their vision and employ his firm’s own creativity to bring it to life.

One standout project exemplifies the firm’s ability to overcome challenges and deliver exceptional results: a 10,000-square-foot private condominium. The client provided no specific requirements, entrusting ST Concepts with the task of exploring their needs and surpassing their expectations. Understanding that without concrete client preferences, research and in-depth communication were essential. Through extensive dialogue and rapport-building, the firm gained profound insights into the client’s lifestyle and profession which enabled them to craft a design that resonated with the client’s tastes and aspirations. This steady sense of dedication distinguished ST Concepts from their competitors, leading to a successful bid for the project.

Simon kindly reminds all fellow designers that “It is important to always have professional confidence, as it is a key element in the design industry. Furthermore, remember to actively network within the design community. By forging strong connections with peers and industry professionals, designers can create a united front, offering support and protection to one another.”

Vincenn Lim & Lee Seng Hon
Managing Director & Design Director

Goldfields Concepts

Nexus of Brilliance

A beacon of inspiration, Goldfields Concepts Sdn Bhd is a boundary-pushing powerhouse. Its team lives by the mantra, “teamwork makes the dream work,” their dedication to open-mindedness and the pursuit of new ideas keeping them at the forefront of the industry. They also embrace change, allocating a yearly fund to upgrade systems, including a switch from 3D design to 3D animation with hopes to incorporate AI in the near future.

One exceptional story in their journey is the renovation of the Naza Italia Ferrari Showroom during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through determination and resourcefulness, they secured approval to continue during lockdown and delivered a project approved by Ferrari’s principal, showcasing their adaptability and project management skills. However, the firm’s turning point was the Wellcall Holdings Berhad project, propelling them into the league of top design firms. Taking a client-centric approach, they solve problems and build lasting relationships, turning clients into friends and word-of-mouth referrals into their strongest marketing tool.

In an era where talented designers are scarce, the firm focuses on nurturing its own talent to continue its streak of success. It also actively engages with the community, offering internship programs and providing free design services to local establishments and supporting non-profit NGOs. They believe design should have a purpose, prioritising practicality even with budget constraints, ensuring clients receive value for their investment. Surpassing accolades, Goldfields Concepts’ definition of success entails client satisfaction and creating spaces that resonate with people, turning design into an experience. According to the duo, “Interior design is a very personalised business. Some might like your design, while most may not. Just keep doing what you like, as at the end of the day, every designer will develop their own style that will be noticed.”

Silver Chng Kar Hao

Rice Design

Resonance of Devotion

Silver Chng Kar Hao, Director of Rice Design Sdn Bhd, attributes much of the company’s triumph to their crystal-clear vision and well-defined strategy. He highlighted the importance of understanding client needs through effective communication and active listening, ensuring that their designs consistently surpass expectations. One of their most formidable challenges was the transformation of an old building into a modern homestay as it demanded navigating complex regulatory approvals while enhancing the available space, without compromising the building’s structural integrity. However, the Moonlight Cake House marked a turning point for Rice Design. Their innovative approach seamlessly melded the bakery’s artisanal character with contemporary elements, resulting in a multi-functional space that increased foot traffic and fostered a loyal customer base.

Through a client-centric approach, effective project management and a meticulous attention to detail, Rice Design maintains robust client relationships and cultivates collaborations with industry partners. Consequently, they invest in continuous learning and development, fostering innovation and creativity among their designers. Embracing technology is also pivotal to enhancing design processes and elevating client experiences, allowing it to stay abreast of the latest tools and trends to maintain competitive edge.

Moreover, the firm actively gives back to the local community through charitable initiatives and pro bono work. It balances budgetary constraints with design quality and client satisfaction, focusing on creative problem-solving, efficient space planning, constant monitoring and open communication. Their success is measured through client satisfaction efficiency in time and cost management, and the rate of repeat businesses and referrals. Ending on a thoughtful note, Silver advises his fellow designers that “there is much to learn from the virtues of client collaboration, innovation, functionality, attention to detail, lifelong learning, networking, effective time management and an unwavering passion for our craft.”


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